Can not get webflow site to show up in google search

I have tried everything for weeks to get my sitemap in google search console and for my pages to start showing up in google searches and have no luck. Please help.

Some things I may be running into are:

  1. What should I have in the robots.txt section? Currently I have the below. I want the whole site to be able to be crawled.
    User-agent: *

  2. it will not fetch my sitemap but it will fetch it with a / at the end

Please help

I have tried everything for weeks in

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Francademy

here is my website:

Double check your DNS A record settings.

It looks correct to me.

I had a typo on the domain name for the @ record. Sorry. If you have zero incoming links from any quality sites it is tough to get a SE to index. What is your link profile like?