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Indexation issue

hi everyone,

I’m quite new on theses topics so, I am sorry as I am sure the question was already ask a 100 times : I search for answer in theses post but i am not sure.

I create a site with webflow and a cms hosting also in webflow :
the domain name was buy at OVH.

But the site dosn’t not appear on search (google, bing, duckduckgo…)

so I’ve change thinks according to tutorials but I am not sure it is ok, and a sI know there will be some time between my change and the indexing, I would like to know if my settings are ok :

I’ve try to validate it on google search console with a domain consol but it is not working.
So I’ve use the prefix validation with 4 variantes : https and http ; with ou without www.

I also enable google analytics

i ask for index for everyone but I got a “this url is on google” for only but when I do a search on google it dosn’t nor appear.

It is said that the page is indexed but not send by a sitemap (I add the sitemap on the sitemap panel at the adresse https://www.agapetouquettoise.sitemap.xml)

On the url inspection page, the original page (“page d’origine” on the screenshot) is not my website.

Hope i give you enough info and sorry for a newbie question !
thanks by advance

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Google indexed your home page. From the looks of things this was before you completed your deployment. This could throw a wrench in indexing frequency. As for the issues in search console, you should rely on documentation there.

Search Console Help (