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I can't find filter options for CMS

Hey everyone,

My question might come across as really simple and straightforward, but I’m encountering a strange problem.
I want to apply a filter to a CMS collection through the Collection List Settings section ( in the editor. However, there are no buttons in my interface where I can do this? I can put a limit on the amount of items displayed, but nothing else that’s fancier than that.

Is this because I am on the free plan?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Hi there,

You must select the collection list wrapper in order to filter the collection.
Check it out and let me know.


I have the same issue!

Hi Chris,

Thanks for your suggestion! I went back to my website and could find the option in my static pages where I used collection lists. However, in my CMS collection pages, I cannot find the filter option. Maybe this has to do with the fact that I use multi reference / single references in my CMS collections? So the posts that I show are kind of filtered already because of these references, but I want to have even more control. (Since I want a section with highlighted posts and one without (I’m using a switch in my collection for this, that I would like to trigger through the filter menu))

Hope I’m describing this clearly. I’m curious what you think!
Thank you in advance,

Hi Nynke,

I’m not sure i understood what you are trying to do, but you should have a look here :

Does it help, or is it something else you need?


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Hi Chris,

I think I just figured out how to get it to work!

At first, I tried to access the posts I wanted through a different collection (called ‘‘category’’), which had a multireference to the posts-collection. I would define the posts I wanted in this category collection. However, it seemed impossible to filter further on this wrapper.

My approach now: I’m accessing the posts-collection directly and made a single reference to the category collection and a Switch for highlighted posts. The CMS wrapper now shows options to filter the collection further, so I’m filtering now on the Category and HighlightSwitch.

Thanks again for looking into my question! I’m happy to have it figured out now :smiley:

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