CMS project filtering issue


I’m currently having an issue with filtering my project. When I go to add a filter to filter out the current project page from my collections list, I don’t see ‘Project’ from the filter list, only CMS fields that I created within my template.

I was wondering why this was, as I had seen the issue resolve in other peoples posts similar to my issue.

Can someone please help me out with this? Much appreciated in advance!

That filtering capability doesn’t work when your collection list is inside of a component.
Unlink the component, and you’ll see it.

I think the reason is that when it’s in a component, Webflow cannot be certain you’ll use it only on the Case Studies collection page, and therefore there is no way for it to offer you that as a filtering context.

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Oh boy. You just saved me a ton of time and stress.

I wonder why there isn’t a way to reuse it as a component since I will be showcasing different collections for each type of work within a template.

Thank you so much for the help!

  • Chris