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Hybrid Webflow/Our pages on same sub-domain (www) with Webflow

Hi there, (apologies if this is in the wrong area)

We are considering rebuilding our ‘profile’ project. We could look to Webflow for these two scenarios and would appreciate any input from the team:

  1. We use Webflow for the marketing site, homepage with search + search results, filtering etc. - but then the profiles themselves are custom coded by our devs. (Hosted on Webflow vs Hosting on our own servers (AWS))
  2. We rebuild the profiles in Webflow, so run all search results and actual profiles on Webflow (Hosted and self-hosted).

Bearing in mind, the volume of search results and profiles will be in the 100’s of thousands. Webflow looks brilliant, but I’m skeptical anything but a fully custom solution can handle this level of data? I’d really like to be wrong here.

Thank you in advance for any feedback/advice.