Use webflow for supporting pages within existing site

Hello :slight_smile:

Apologies for my long message, as I am new to webflow without web development background.

I have a website (online booking platform) developed and I would like to visually improve the landing page and a few other static pages via webflow.

My website is hosted under the root domain (e.g.

Below my questions:

  1. What hosting configuration should I use in order to keep the existing website properly functioning? Should I add in webflow the root domain or create a subdomain?
  2. In case of subdomain, would you recommend the prefix ā€œwww.ā€ (e.g. or would it create confusion and potential SEO issues?
  3. How can I deal with existing pages (e.g. landing page, about etc) in order not to have duplicate content? Should I update all links in my current website or use 301 redirects within webflow?

Thanks a lot in advance!

Apologies for posting again. Here is my read-only link