Creating pages hosted elsewhere next to Webflow

Hi all!

We are hitting limits when it comes to Webflow CMS. The limit is 10.000 pages. We need millions of pages.

That’s why I’m evaluating options on how to do this on the same domain (

Can I create those other pages with a different publisher and host but still have it link to our same domain:

Any ideas on how to do this?


Webflow hosting isn’t designed for that, although there is apparently an enhanced [ pricey ] level of CMS scaling available with Enterprise plans.

First I’d check for some of the vetted workarounds.
If you don’t find what you need there, you have some options;

Export your whole site, and host it elsewhere.
Here you’d need to fully replace the CMS with a database / headless CMS solution.

Same as above, but just the pages needed for, e.g. your 100,000 articles.
You can set that sub-site up on a subdomain, e.g.
If you want, you can setup redirects, e.g. /news/(.*)
If you really want, you can setup a reverse proxy ( a fair bit of work ) so that different URL requests are routed to different servers, transparently.

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Great thanks. That’s already of some help.
How is SEO performance affected in the second scenario, partially host elsewhere?

You’d have to research the best SEO setup for that, and of course you’d be generating your own /sitemap.xml.

Google would probably consider them to be two separate sites however the new GSC feature for domain validation might change how it handles and processes properties like this that spread across subdomains.