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Hosting Webflow site on subdomain, and some old site pages on original domain?

Hello all

I think I have a rather complex issue here, that I would love some advice on, so thank you for your advice and apologies for the long post!

The idea
We have designed a full site (60+) pages on Webflow and it’s working great. However, some pages on our existing website are integrated into our backend (a sort of profiles feature, that pulls data from the backend to populate profiles on the frontend and some very complex registration forms that aren’t ready to be brought over to Webflow yet). To allow this to happen, I had anticipated hosting the new Webflow site on our domain and asking our developer to shift those pages that need to be retained from the old site to a subdomain and manually linking back and forth between the domain and subdomain until we can make a more elegant solution in the future (reg forms on Webflow, and the API for CMS for the profiles).

The problem
However, our backend developer (who has no experience with Webflow) says that’s problematic because our backend is also hosted on the same domain. We’re in the middle of updating our backend, but at the moment the developer isn’t sure how many times the domain is hardcoded into our dated backend code, and so is reasonably wary of migrating the backend to a subdomain.

My proposal to get around this issue then, was to swap around the management of the domain and subdomain: to keep the two old pages we need (and the backend) live on the original domain, and to temporarily host the Webflow site on a subdomain, with a 301 redirect on the index of the original domain to the subdomain. But our developer seems not to be confident that doable.

Does anyone know if we can just host a Webflow site on just a subdomain in the manner above? We both decided it might be useful to see if anyone had any information that could help is to see if the solution is viable in theory, or to flag any problems or pitfalls we might try and avoid.

Thanks so much for your help!

You can definitely host a site on a subdomain.

What is your old site built with? You should be able to do some sort of find and replace with the code. And depending on your current solution, the links may be root-relative, so you actually wouldn’t have to do anything.

Doing the redirect wouldn’t be the best for SEO, especially if you currently have a decent ranking.

Hope that helps somewhat.