Webflow for a Large-ish Blog and Resource Hub?

We use Webflow for our company to host small pages/sites, but recently need to build out a larger site that would host a blog/newsletter with categories and tags that is weekly, and a number of other resource articles.

We have a library of like 5 years of posts as well, and I am curious what peoples thoughts are on if Webflow could host this well… It will be public facing unlike our other sites and I am inclined to use WordPress, but some of our team think we should try in Webflow. I just curious of any watch outs anyone can share, just to hopefully not find out later that we just have to port it again to another platform.

Thank you!

Depends on your parameters but I’d probably go another route. For example, one of numerous questions like “does your blog need commenting?” Wordpress includes this as a standard feature. Webflow? :-1:

With that said, I’d still design & frontend dev in Webflow and then apply that design as a Wordpress theme.

I started writing a response, but it became an article.

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