Migrating marketing pages to Webflow

Hi all, my company is starting the process of moving our marketing pages to Webflow. Currently, we have a full web application that we host entirely ourselves, but we want to move only the marketing pages to Webflow.

The main issue I’m having is our navbar; we have our own authentication system, and the navbar at the top shows the user’s logged in status as well as user-specific links to, e.g., the user’s profile. So logged out users might see a “Login” button, but logged in users might see a “My Account” dropdown with various user-specific links. We would want to keep this functionality of the nav bar on our marketing pages that will be moved to Webflow.

I have a few different ideas on how to approach this in Webflow and I was curious if anyone had any feedback on these or if there are other approaches I’m not thinking of.

1. Webflow hosts the entire marketing pages
In this version, we would use a reverse proxy to send users who hit, for example, the /features page to our webflow subdomain. We would reimplement the navbar In Webflow, and we would have custom javascript code that hits our own servers to determine the logged-in status for the current user and update the navbar with the custom code in Webflow.

The downside of this approach is our current application is a single page app. When you click a link in the nav bar, there is not a full page reload, but if we use this approach, each nav bar click would trigger a full page reload in Webflow. I like this approach in general, but I’d really like to keep the single page app “feel” if possible. Obviously, we couldn’t keep the single page app “feel” when going from a Webflow page to a non-Webflow page, but we’d ideally keep it between Webflow-only pages.

2. Webflow pages are embedded iframes
In this version, we would host the /features page ourselves but only the navbar would be implemented by us; we would use all of our existing code to show and update the navbar, but the actual page content would be an embedded iframe pointing to our Webflow page. This seems like it might work, though there might be odd scrolling issues with the iframe.

3. Export code from Webflow
We also could just export the HTML/CSS code out of Webflow into our version control and drop it into our pages directly. We would want this to happen in automatic fashion, which I would need to understand a little bit better; we would want the export in Webflow to trigger a series of automatic operations that results in the changes being live on our site. But it seems like this might also be a viable option.

Has anyone solved this issue in Webflow before and thought about these or other options? Thanks very much for any help you can offer.