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HTML template on my own hosting?

Hey there,

I would like to buy a Lens - Photography Website Template
but not sure if I can use it as an HTML template on my own hosting?

Can I?
Or it can be used with your website builder only? (the same question about other templates).


I assume the template is a WF template acquired from them. Export the code, host it wherever and it works ok. However, it will have a LOT of extra code crap in it. But it will work - fairly well. WF does not make it easy to take their code and host it elsewhere. Their HTML code is bloated with browser war code. Their exported code comes with 3 .css files - 2 of which serve almost no purpose.

I’ve taken WF code into Dreamweaver and spent more time re-coding it than would have been spent just using DW to start with.

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Thanks for such a detailed response.
So it means “No” as I see. Export/Import the code is the last thing I would do.
I was wondering if I just get a folder with HTML/CSS files as usually I get when buying a template.

Btw I’ve sent the same question to support - no response at all. Twice for no :sweat_smile:

NO, you won’t. If you have the right plan you can export a Webflow site.

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Jim, this is not true. Webflow code is clean and simple. It simply renders what you build. I almost always export projects and have no problem. The code is not bloated and is close to custom. Webflow adds some classes to elements that are defined in its core CSS which is not unexpected since they provide components that are frequently used. Same goes for JS. jQuery is included as a result. As for the “three CSS files” one is normalize.css which does that across browsers for consistency. I have been including that I my builds for years. It’s like a reset. The webflow.css file includes the core platform css. All the components are styled here. Using webflow is like using a framework. So that comes with the territory. The other is your custom CSS. I wish that Webflow would do this on hosted builds but instead they stupidly combine the files. It would be nice if they allowed for granular choices but since their target audience is people who can’t code you get what you get. Most of the time I want more control and do so by using other tools that are geared to developers. It’s a cool system if you need training wheels or are just cranking out marketing sites.

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