Selling HTML5 templates built with Webflow

Hello everyone,

I would like to sell HTML5 templates developed using Webflow (templates= the zip file that I get after exporting the code.)

I want to set up an eCommerce, where people can buy and download said file. I am also aware of the limitations with the forms, CMS, and eCommerce but those wouldn’t be a problem for the type of website I will build.

I have exported and hosted without problems websites on Firebase and Netlify in the fast, but I don’t know how to code, so I am not able to judge the quality of the exported files.

Is Webflow code good to work with ? Can exported websites be sold as HTML5 templates?

Let me know what you think and maybe your past experiences.

We’ve done something similar in nature before for a corporate client who wanted each team/department to be able to spin up an internal website for anything they needed.

We used Webflow and plugged in these files to an editor system we built that would generate the pages with the content and give them the ability to update it after. The code quality is very good - it’s not hyper-optimised and there are certainly some gains to be made especially around CSS/JS if you really needed to go down that route, but if it’s a project that big/serious then you wouldn’t be using Webflow in the first place.

If you’re selling something like this though, I’d recommend you have a really deep inside knowledge about how it’s working - because if it doesn’t work for a specific use case, or a design issue that you didn’t think of then it could become problematic very quickly.