Exporting cms kinda sux

Recently i googled “HTML templates” and webflow popped up. I thought it would be a good idea to try a new source for templates other than themeforest. So bought my first webflow template and come to a nice discovery that i can not export my html template. I host on godaddy for most cusstomers and was hoping for an easy way for me to use this template on goaddy, however webflow demands that i use their services even after purchasing my HTML template they really make it hard for me to use this template other places. Which is a shame i already have a hosting service and do not want to use or learn a whole new software “webflow” i have it figured out on godaddy, i am a business owner and not a professional web developer but i am pretty good, however this discovery is kinda shocking and sad. I dont even know if its possible to export this template to godaddy even if i purchase the higher plan they seperate the code and make me export the CMS by CVV lol wtf

Yep your options are a bit more limited than you might have anticipated.
Here’s a breakdown of the basic approaches;

Built whatever you want, host on Webflow.

Built a site of static pages only ( up to 150 ), and export the site as HTML. Requires a paid workspace plan ( but no site plan ) to export.

Build a CMS site. Export it using Udesly’s JAMstack configuration, to create a CMS-driven site on Netlify using 11ty as the rendering engine. Free hosting, one-time fee to Udesly.

Build a CMS site, export the HTML and CSV, and do a bunch of custom programming and CMS integration to make the site function externally. Programmers only zone.

Hey! This thread inspired me to make this video which goes over why you should/should not export your Webflow code, depending on the kind of site you’re building :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

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