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After customizing, can I download the .css .html image files?

Just curious if I can download them to use on another web server for a customer

I’ll be integrating the template into a php website


@ryanericw it’s possible to export the code of your website if you use a paid plan. That includes all the images you uploaded, the HTML, CSS and JAVASCRIPT.

you can check the plans at:

It is important to keep in mind that you cannot export CMS pages.

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I’m confused, so I would need to buy the template for $54, and also pay for a “lite” plan for 1 month at $24 just to download and export a template to use?

Yes, that’s the case. That’s if you just wanna buy a template, with the lite plan you can develop your own projects and export that, there’s no need to spend $54 bucks if you don’t wan’t.

You can also buy the template and modify it to your needs inside the Webflow designer, with is far easier for a lot of people instead of editing the code, then you can export the modified template’s code.

Thanks I’ve been a web designer for 15+ years, just looking for another source to buy templates from to modified/use for custom projects. I realize this easy to use interface would be good for noobs, but not necessary in my case. Pretty avid in CSS, HTML5, MySQL, PHP, etc, just buying themes and reworking them for a certain look saves a ton of time to keep costs down for customers


Yeah, I also used to do that in the past. For that case Webflow isn’t the best option. I think you just just buy the theme for Wordpress/Laravel/etc directly.

Thanks I purchased the Lite plan for a month and bought the template and proceeded to download the entire template into a zip.

For anyone that’s confused and stumbles across this thread, simply enter the template into a new project. Then click export code. A window with HTML etc will popup. Click the button on the bottom right to create a zip file for everything (images, html files, css etc)