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If I host with a different provider but want to use the webflow design

what If i get a plan that allows me to export the “raw website” ie: html / css / js / images / etc…
and then i take “raw code” to another hosting provider and run it. And one more thing like after canceling my plan at webflow would that raw code website would be running and mine? like i am learning coding and hope so i would be editing the code of that website myself would that work?
please kindly let me know i want to get a good base through webflow but then i wanna customize things my by myself through coding. and use my Linux to host it.

Hi and welcome.
Webflow HTML / CSS is easy to maintain separate from the designer if you are comfortable with code. What is not easy / very hard is trying to maintain / expand IX2 interactions. If you don’t need to change them and you use classes for the triggers you should b able to get by. Have fun with your journey.

But it doesn’t answer my question would i be able to use my webflow website code and extract it independently on another platform and end my plan but but still using that code,

Yes, once exported your code will work anywhere without needing an active subscription.
Depending on the numbers of pages on your website it might be a hassle to update though.

Also note that, when exporting your website webflow feeds different sizes of your images to optimize your page speed. If you need to change images at some point without going back into webflow’s designer, you’ll have to either clean the image source with only one file or export multiple ones.

Yes, once exported your code will work anywhere without needing an active subscription