HTML Templates / Export

Recently i googled “HTML templates” and webflow popped up. I thought it would be a good idea to try a new source for templates other than themeforest. So bought my first webflow template and come to a nice discovery that i can not export my html template. I host on godaddy for most cusstomers and was hoping for an easy way for me to use this template on goaddy, however webflow demands that i use their services even after purchasing my HTML template they really make it hard for me to use this template other places. Which is a shame i already have a hosting service and do not want to use or learn a whole new software “webflow” i have it figured out on godaddy, i am a business owner and not a professional web developer but i am pretty good, however this discovery is kinda shocking and sad. I dont even know if its possible to export this template to godaddy even if i purchase the higher plan they seperate the code and make me export the CMS by CVV lol wtf