How to use Webflow Forms with Zapier to update a Webflow CMS item?

Hey Guys! I have looked all over and can’t seem to find the answer to my question.

Q: How do you connect a Webflow Form to Zapier and back to Webflow CMS?

Context: People will start out with a 4-digit-number and I want to have people fill out a form but have it filter through Zapier’s Table, and then go back into Webflow all based on this 4-digit-number that I gave them. I keep running into the problem of something called “Item ID” which Zapirer says is not correct at the end of the process so nothing works. I have found videos talking about importing the Webflow content to a Table and getting it from there but I want the form to send to the Zapier Table NOT Webflow CMS and then route to the Webflow CMS. Any help would be much appreciated!

Here is my public share link: Webflow - Forms

Welcome @SarahK1 :wave:

Here’s a screencast that walks you through exactly that:

I think my screencast above should address that. I’d suggest setting up a new Zap and following along.

Once you start doing this enough, you may begin to run into limitations with Zapier (or costs) and you can move over to a solution like Make (Integromat):

Hope that helps!

So that’s what I kept finding when I would look up the problem, but I am starting off with premade CMS items that I’m trying to update using the form. So it goes: CMS item created by me with 4 digit code-> form-> Zapier Table → same CMS item updated. But I keep running into “Item ID” problems.

:thinking: copy / paste the exact Zapier error messages and share your project link (the share link in your first post is broken).