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Zapier Update CMS Item (Foxycart -> Webflow CMS)

I’m having some trouble updating an item in the CMS Database, as I can’t figure out what Zapier wants in the “item” field, or how to get this information as Webflow doesn’t seem to have a CMS search function.

What I’m setting up is a multi path webhook zap that looks at the transaction type and does one of 2 things.

  1. If the transaction is a new subscription it creates an entry in the CMS for that customer. (This works perfectly fine and was super easy to get working.)
  2. If the transaction type is a subscription cancelation then change the customers status to “Subscription Canceled” and archive the item. (This is where I’m stuck)

In the second flow I can’t figure out how to query the CMS. I have set the customers slug to be their customer ID from Foxycart, but how to I find the “item” with that, then input that into the “item” field?

Any help with this would be great. Thanks

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I was able to make a quick work around. I noticed that after a new item is created in Webflow, that the data written to that item are saved into memory in Zapier for that zap instance and can be referenced. This includes the CMS item id so Webflow must have sent that info back in the success response. So I added an additional step to save that ID and the Foxycart customer ID to a google sheet.

Now when a subscription is canceled I have a step in the cancellation flow that does a row lookup by Foxycart customer ID. That search saves the entire row to memory, including the previously saved CMS item ID. So I was able to reference that and update the item in the Webflow CMS.

That being said, it would be great if Webflow would add a search action to find an item by searching for other field such as email or slugs. This would allow me to not need an additional google sheet and be more secure overall.

Hope this helps someone in the future!

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