Having trouble connecting Webflow and Google Forms

Hey, everyone!

I’m trying to use Zapier to connect Webflow and Google Forms. I want people to submit answers and I want those answers to automatically translate into CMS items. In particular, I need people to submit a picture. I can do that using Google Forms but when Zapier sends the information to Webflow, the picture is not there. Zapier actually sends a link and not a file, as the CMS’ field requests.

So, is it possible to send a picture to a CMS item using Google Forms?

Thanks in advance!

I’ve found the answer for this problem. Apparently Webflow is not yet able to receive images from Zapier. Here is the item on the Wishlist: Importing images to CMS collections items using | Webflow Wishlist

There is a possible workaround using Zapier’s Formatter to change Google Drive’s link in order to create a direct download string (https://drive.google.com/uc?export=download&i=[IMG_ID]) and then import that manually into your CMS Collection.