Submit a form - add an item to a collection - display item in the following page

Hi –

Im trying to figure out how I can have a form to collect information so that once I press submit it adds the item to a collection and then I can see that item on the next page.


Page 1
user inputs 3 fields: name, location, and a blurb
user presses submit

in the background – Item is added to collection with the information they filled out

Page 2
User sees the information they submitted by displaying the item that was just added to the collection

I’ve read enough forum posts to see that I can get the item added to a collection using Zapier. But how do I get the item ID back into webflow to be able to display it on the next page.

Thank you all in advance.

Hey @Maca Welcome to the forum!

I recommend you check out

@ChrisDrit has some great videos that show exactly what you are trying to do.

Cheers! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Thank you for the kind words @Drew_Schafer :pray:

@Maca that is definitely doable, and something I set up often.

That said, I’d highly recommend using a free Integromat account for this as you’ll need to send a message back to the web browser telling it to redirect the user to a new page displaying their CMS info. This is something that Zapier cannot do.

Let’s say you have a Webflow CMS Collection named Users. Here’s how I’d approach it…

  1. Send the native Webflow form submission to Integromat.
  2. Integromat captures the form submit and creates a new CMS item.
  3. Upon creation of the CMS item, Webflow sends back to Integromat the item slug (ex: 123456789).
  4. Integromat sends a “redirect” message back to the web browser with the url of
  5. The web browser redirects the user to the CMS Collection Page, grabs the item from the CMS, and displays it to the screen.

Here is a screencast of mine walking through all of this…

Also, if you don’t need to redirect the user to their own CMS Collection Page, but instead are okay redirecting them to a Static Page with a Collection List Element on it (displaying all items in your Users CMS) then I have a screencast walking through how to use Zapier…

Two different approaches for you to compare. You can see more examples of this setup if you checkout the various “Create CMS Edit Form” walkthroughs that I have as well. Dig around on the blog a bit to find them :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you! I’ve spent almost weeks now trying to figure this out.

I was just reading the 22 page pdf form one of your videos.

I’m going to give this a try in the morning!!


Oh, perfect! I work really hard on those free downloadable guides, hope it helps!

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@ChrisDrit Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Those instructions were exactly what I needed. Your videos were so easy to understand as well.

I’ll share the finished product once we have the design part done. But Im extremely grateful for your help - tested it last night and this morning.


Hej, I kinda need something similar. I want people to signup over a form, including their club name. When they did this, then the club-name is added to a collection list and through a CMS-page will receive its own site.
Your options seams to do that but on the pricing options of integromat it says “15 minutes
Minimum interval”. Does that mean that if 2 clubs signup within 10 minutes, this would just not work?