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Send form to CMS/collection e-mail


I have a collection where one of the fields is an e-mail address. Now I’m creating CMS Collection pages for this collection and I’d like to include a form that sends the content of the form to the e-mail address for that specific collection item.

Is that possible with Webflow? I don’t really see how atm…

There’s no way currently to take the contents of form and populate a CMS item or create a new item without coding a solution using the API, and a custom app, or using something like Zapier.

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@webdev thx for helping me out!

I’m using Zapier for multiple things but how would the workflow with Zapier work in this case?

As in: Zapier could get the contents of the form and use that, but how would Zapier know where to send the e-mail if I can’t include the e-mail in the form data? How would I push that info to Zapier?

I might have misunderstood your intent. You could simply use a third party form with the code embedded within the template where you bind the item email address into the to address for the form send. So you should just need a provider that allowed that to be set in the embed.

So a third party embed that somehow gets the e-mail (which is different for each cms item)? Sounds more complicated than adding it to a webflow form :wink: No way to add a (hidden) e-mail field?

Webflow forms don’t allow you to define the email address per form.

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@webdev, I would like to know how it would work to use Zapier to create new CMS items via a form, or to use the form to populate CMS items:

Example: a community member arrives at the site, fills out the form, and the contents of the form are uploaded to a CMS item for that community member.

I suppose it would be possible to just manually upload the content of a form into the CMS individually but that would be a lot more labor intensive, and not scalable

Hi @Jameel_Mohammed , welcome.

First I would say that webflow is not really designed to handle visitors publishing content by filling out a form. You would not typically want unvetted users creating content without it being reviewed.

You could set up a zap where a new form submission created a row in a Google Sheet, then add an additional step to create a CMS collection items. This shows as supported in zapier, however I have not tested it.

You can signup at Zapier and review the available zaps and integrations with webflow. Hope this helps.