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How to undo changes?

Here is what I want to do: take a section from one page and replace it on another. So I copy it from one page, go to the other, paste and delete the section it replaces. Then I realised that I didn’t back up the section I deleted. To my amazement there is “nothing to undo” and no way to cancel my changes. It is not published to the site yet.

How can I undo the changes I made??

I really seem to be missing something…

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - carforyou-content-web

There is no undo and restoring from backup is sitewide. Wordpress allows for multiple revisions per page. Someday Webflow might. In the meantime, it can be helpful to duplicate a page before making changes, so you have something to go back to.

What about this:
Screenshot 2021-12-17 at 15.39.59

There is an undo and redo button. I would assume that if I delete something like a section I can just undo that. But I can’t. So now I have a change that was not published yet and no way to get back to the current state. From a UX point this system of collecting all the changes and they all get published once ANYONE publishes is just baffling to me. It makes no sense to. Everything in Webflow is so well thought out, but the whole publishing changes thing is just so weird and backwards.

I actually did that. Changed the design on the copy. Then copied the section I redesigned to the old page and delete the old section. Then I realised that I should have copied the old section first to copy it to the duplicate page and to my amazement the undo button was greyed out. So no undo for deleting things? That’s the most important thing that you should be able to undo, because there is no other way to get it back.

All this wouldn’t have happened if Webflow just had a Save button like everyone else. Because I would have just refreshed the page and get back the current state. Or at least let us disable auto-save. Or make sure to be able to get back to a previous state of a page easily.

Its the same in the Editor and the hardest part to sell about Webflow. I have to explain to new people using the Editor or Designer: be careful what you do, because everything gets saved instantly. I don’t understand why such a fragile and error-prone system is the default.

I should have clarified that I was speaking about being able to undo/redo once you move to a different page.

Fair enough. But if all the changes are global, why wouldn’t undo be global? Well, I know why: because it would be strange to undo something on a page that you don’t have open. That’s why undo/redo would need to stay on a per-page basis. The fact that it is not persistent between page changes is equally baffling. I thought one of the advantages of this whole global changes thing was that you can switch and copy/paste between pages without having to constantly save pages. But losing all history on changing pages is also terrible.