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How to transfer projects to a team and a team account for 2 users?

I need to have a 2nd developer to access my webflow account so I created a team account. However when I did this it says you haven’t created any sites yet. When I already have 5 websites in my account. How should I change the settings so the 2nd user has access to all the projects?

Also is a team account necessary to upgrade at $84 a month? Already paying $42 for the pro account. Not liking all these additional monthly charges.

Good evening @Doug23, sorry to hear of your struggles. I understand your pain and I hope this little video helps you with your struggles.


As for the cost well, just look at it like this, you are paying for two user licenses to use the software. It is cheaper than most for one user license. Let’s just make sure you are paying for two team members and not two individual account membership profile. I explained this in my video.

Here is a link for your Member Profile Account:

And here is a link for your team account:

Please let me know if you need anything else?

I have a pro account and I just need another developer to work on my 2nd website in my account while I work on the 1st.

Isn’t the team account made so 2 developers work on the Same Website?

I want to work on Website A in my account why I have developer work on Website B in my account.

Do I need a different plan?

Good morning Doug,

Sorry for the confusion on my previous video. I have made another one and hope to clarify some issues.


To answer your question though, YES, you can have two people working on different projects under the same team account. You just need to have a ‘team’ account created. For my ex. that is ‘Standout Arts’ which I showcased in this most recent video. I didnt mean to say that you duplicate your profiled projects to your team account, but to just ‘Transfer’ the projects you have under “[your name] account profile” to your “[team name] account”

Hope that clarifies better? Ive been on a team account pretty much since day one and forget that new users have trouble figuring it out. Sorry for the confusion.

Very helpful, Brandon. Thank you for taking the time to explain.

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