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Can I add a team to just one of my Webflow projects?

I have several sites active in my pro plan. One of my clients wants Designer access so I know I have to set up a team. But, can I set up a team just for one project or will they have access to all the sites on my dashboard? I’ll take your answer off the air.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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They will only have access to projects that are transferred or created inside the team.

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Thanks! Btw, if I set up the two person team account, am I considered one of those two team members?

Yes. Two is the minimum and you are one.

Thanks for your help Jeff. I’d like to remove myself completely from a team and give my client total access with their own two employees. But, can I do that since I was the original builder? How can they disable me and add their own second person?

And, where do I “navigate to one of personal sites and transfer”?

You need to transfer the project. Documentation is found here:

Thanks Jeff, I made a duplicate and transferred that duplicate to the the Team. Will changes I make to the original as well as the changes made to the duplicate both affect what is live? (hosting is set up and paid for)

There is no synchronization feature between Webflow projects and project clones.