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How to tie their domain to webflow

Hey. I have a problem, I can not connect to your domain hosting webflow tell what actions need to commit. Maybe somebody is familiar with this service and know how to do something.

Hi @1115, thanks for reaching out. The nameservers that are depicted in your images, should be set to the default nameserver for FirstVDS. Webflow does not use NS records, that should be set to the default FirstVDS servers.

Once that is done, edit the A Records on the domain so that they are pointed at Webflow servers. Finally setup a cname record on the www subdomain to point to

See this article with the IP addresses for the A Records and the CNAME setting:

Here is a support page I found for FirstVDS:

It may be a good idea to contact FirstVDS support and ask them nicely to help you make the A Record and CNAME record changes.

thanks … I asked the customer service told me that the need to have parameters and objectives and they prompted me how to do.

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