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Connecting Network Solutions domain to webflow site? HELP!

Client has their domain on Network Solutions ( and I can’t seem to figure out how to point it to Webflow. The dns and cname settings are a bit different than Godaddy’s.

Anyone familiar with Network Solutions? I have to upload this website today!


@aOne all you will need to do is create 2 A records, and a CNAME record. This can be done by managing the DNS settings of the domain. Checking their help articles, these should help:

Hey @aOne,

This will guide you

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I followed the instructions exactly by adding the 2 A records and 1 CNAME.
Now no matter if i choose www or root domain as default…

It loads the page with an ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR because all versions (root or www) of the domain are pointing to

To add to that… Network solutions instructions are to do the opposite and delete all A records to have a CNAME. Which makes no sense.

To make things even more confusing… the instructions on webflow for CNAME consist of

For CNAME records Network Solutions has the following:

I. alias=" "
II. “refers to name”=…
Which only has 3 options ( a ) autodiscover ( b ) mail ( c ) smtp
III. “Other Host”=" "

Did you ever find a solution to this issue? Iʻm dealing with the same thing :frowning: