How i can connect domian if my registartor haven't DNS records?

Whats up my friends, help me pls!
How i can connect domian to my site in webflow ?

All time i use other registraror, but now client from Israil and he have very srange registartor ( in the my screenshot - DNS settings)

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

At a glance those look like nameservers,
and it looks like the DNS is running on Wix.

Since you’re likely moving the website from Wix to Webflow hosting, you’ll either need to re-establish the registrar’s own native DNS services, or switch to something like Cloudflare.

Hello! Thank you so much, I made all that you made in your video, but now if I connect to the site I have an error “The site redirects many times”

What can I do?

@Vladyslav - Making WWW the default in the project settings should resolve your issue.


And republish as well.

If you’re trying to make your bare domain the default, you can do that since you’re using cloudflare but you need a flattened CNAME configuration.

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Yes!! So thank you, man!
You helped me a lot