How to stop going into EDITING MODE


More often than not WEBFLOW will create two different windows - on #1 - I am the Designer, on #2 - I am the Editor. How to stop this from happening - it’s so annoying.

You can’t.

The Webflow designer is an application with a lot of internal state that it depends on to manage its operation. It’s not designed [yet?] for true multi-user editing which means you can’t have more than one editor-mode window at a time on the same project.

Not quite sure what you mean Michael.
This happens when I am in Designer mode - for some reason it moves me to Editing, as shown on the screenshot.

Whenever you have two different windows with the designer open, on the same site, one of them will be changed to editor mode. You can only open one designer window per project at a time.

If you’re saying that these extra windows are opening automatically, I’d recommend;

  • Disable any browser plug ins
  • Possibly swap out your keyboard
  • If you have any special keyboard enhancement software running, including accessibility software like sticky keys, you might want to disable that too

Then see if the problem goes away.

I do a lot of programming, and go through about a keyboard every 18 months on average. Towards end of life, some keyboards will end up with keys that stick and misfire. For me one of the most common is the leftside ctrl key. If that’s sticky, you’ll get weird browser behaviors because CTRL+click is a browser shortcut for open-in-a-new-tab.

If none of those solve your problem and Webflow seems to be opening these windows by itself, you’d probably want to video that, and open a ticket with support.