The Webflow Editor is driving me insane

I’ve lost hours of work on our blog due to an issue in the editor.

If you have editor opened, then have another tab with your website opened and come back to your editor, you get hit with this message and lose any changes you’ve made.

Is there any way around this? It’s only natural to want to have another tab opened to preview what you’re working on, or browse through other areas of your site.

I’ve found some workarounds – using different browsers, using incognito, etc. but inevitably it happens again when I forget next time. I’ve lost at least a day’s worth of work because of this issue.

Webflow, can you please address this issue for my sanity?

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I don’t think you can avoid that at the moment, I wish you could. I’ve been hit by the same issue a couple of time and learn to not spend so much time in RT fields just writing and adding resources. I try to do it elsewhere and paste it back in the Webflow form when it’s done.

Hello, @Dreamten!

Ben here with the Webflow Customer Support Team! Thanks so much for reporting this issue and I’m so sorry for any frustration this may be causing you.

One change the team just implemented should prevent this from happening moving forward. The new edit site button should be able to help you here.

Now that it’s available you can click to edit and make changes. And then, when you want to see the live site you can switch back by clicking “Back to live site”:


In this way, you don’t need multiple tabs or instances to do your work!


@rileyrichter I saw this but it doesn’t really address the issue. You should be able to have the site open in multiple tabs without the editor just exiting/canceling out. I’m sure there’s some technical reason this is the case, but it’s pretty frustrating.

Btw, I know this is a complaint, but overall I freakin love the platform and everything else about it :slight_smile: Just wish this 1 bug in the editor was fixed.

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