Cannot go into editor mode

Hi there,

I have a problem with my Webflow account. Is this the place to post this problem? Unfortunately, the system would not allow to click on “email webflow support”.

I can manage the design process of my webpage when logged into Webflow, but the platform won´t allow me to go to into editor mode. I am always directed to my homepage where a window appears at the bottom which requests mail and password. When I enter both, the Webflow platform says: “You are an admin, you need to log in here.” Then I follow the link on “here” which leads me to the dashboard showing the 3 buttons designer, editor, publish on the upper right side. When I click on editor, the whole process starts anew.

The same happens when I try to start the editor mode from the live homepage.

Can anyone help me? I´m looking forward to hearing from you.



This is the editor, not the editor mode. The editor mode is unfortunately only available for the paid Starter Plan, where once you purchase two starter plan seats, you can then assign a team member to be a workspace editor and by then they would have access to the editor mode.