Don't close cms item on save

If I save changes to a CMS entry, you shouldn’t close the entry. If you open your site in a new window while working in the editor, say to reference something on another page, you get kicked out of the editor and your changes are unsaved. Yikes, so frustrating. So at least let people save as they go to prevent lost work. It’s so cumbersome to have the editor closed, and the CMS entry search reset to default, every time you save.

While you’re at it, can we please allow users to disable the “Edit site” wrapper entirely? It is totally unnecessary, from my perspective, to edit my site without starting at the login page. That button causes way more frustration than it does good. Are people actually using that button?

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hey Kyle, feeling this, as I just got kicked out of the editor moments ago and lost my work. Yeah it’s a pain.

However this is the community forum. The place you want to report bugs in Webflow’s support, and the place to write feature change requests is Webflow’s wishlist.

You can see there are quite a few Editor items…