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How To Set Up CMS for Client


I’m quite new to web flow. I was wondering how the process works with passing over a website to be edited by the client. In order to do this, you have to use CMS hosting through Webflow, correct? How does this work, does my client pay for it or does it get charged to my credit card and the client pays me?

Is there an article with more info on this topic?


Hi @MichaelMannucci Welcome to the community! :smiley:

Here is how to add a Content Collaborator:

When you upgrade your hosting to CMS, your card on file will be charged $10/month ( for Personal, Professional or Team plan accounts) or $5/month (for Starter plan accounts)

Hope this helps

So I have to pay for the hosting of a clients site and they would have to pay me? Is there any plans in the future of having the client pay directly to Webflow for the hosting charges, so I don’t have to be the middle man?

Yup! :smiley: We are actually working on that as we speak! Managed Billing. It’ll be a thing… soon™


Hey @PixelGeek
Do you know when it will be implemented?
Because I’m almost finishing a CMS website and I really want to avoid to be the middle man as well.
So, I could delay a bit the launch just to use this feature :slight_smile:


we are still in the closed beta phase. If you want to sign up for it, check this thread out:

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So, it’s been a while and just wondering if this development is close-ish to launch, if it will be launched in 2017, or if it’s been put on hold indefinitely for the foreseeable future.

Just wondering as I’m having all the same hoop-jumping others are clearly going through to set up something between their account and their client projects.