Customer edit site

How do I do it in webflow when customers need to edit the pages themselves? I can not give them username and password so they can access all my projects?

Maybe this help you:

Thank u. But can my customers make new contents or just edit whats all ready there?

If I have a sports team that will post the results after the weekend competition. Can they do this?

I’ve done something similar for a client. They just wanted to edit existing content and didn’t need a full cms. They purchased a “Basic Hosting” package for $12/mo and then I transferred the site over to them. The editor works to allow any images or text to be swapped out. CMS hosting not needed in this case.

Can you explain further? How can I have my client edit the his site on basic hosting without giving my login?

Hi @MichaelMannucci

You would need to be a Pro or Team plan yourself, this gives the functionality of being able to transfer sites to other users.

So you or your client would setup their own Webflow account (even a free one) and you transfer the site to their Webflow associated email address. can help ensure that goes smoothly re hosting plans too.

Whilst the client could login to the Designer and make changes, you would instead give them the direct link to the editor for making edits. Their website URL plus /?edit