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So I need to do a small portfolio for a client (it’s basically just an paiting display portfolio, so quite simple).
I never used the CMS system for a client yet and I was wondering how the passing goes. I read post from before that said I have to pay the hosting and the client have to pay me or something like that. I was wondering if it was still the case ?
Basically I would like to set up the website and then give it to the client and he can host it himself and pay the fees. Also how much would it cost him to just use the CMS and host the site ?

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Hi @MoinardColin,

You can set up the website (not hosting tho… only the design bit) and then transfer it to your client:

He will then have to pay for the CMS himself (12$ basic hosting, 16$ CMS hosting, 36$ business hosting)

But luckily, there’s a Starter Plan for the editor, which will allow your client to have up to 2 projects without paying (then it starts at 16$ for the Lite plan)

All these prices are billed monthly

It would cost a minimum of 12$ for your client to host a website with webflow… There’s no need for CMS since he can edit the website with the designer himself.

Thanks for the answer !
The thing is that it’s a private client that won’t have a designer (i am the designer for this project) and he might have to make some changes like editing textes and pictures.

Also you said he can host up to 2 websites for free, that means he won’t need to pay at all or does he need to pay in order to get the website tranfered ?

And this 12$ cost, is it a one time pay or monthly ?

from the sounds of your situation you will want to host your clients site on your account. Then set up client billing. This way you can have access to the designer. The client can have access to the CMS.

You would be charging the client via client billing at $16 a month. If you want you can also add more fees for any additional services your providing.

Thanks for the informations :slight_smile:
I’ll talk to my client about this solution !

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