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Cost of CMS hosting

Hello! I’ve had my eye on many systems for building and managing my web design and think webflow will potentially be a fantastic fits. I work as a full-time graphic designer and have been looking to freelance website design in my “free time,” and out of all the options, Webflow is very high up for me.

I know the basics of HTML, but never got passed intermediate levels of developing, which is how I found Webflow. I’ve spent some time with Webydo, but they fell short for me in terms of the code it creates and how sluggish their design tool is. Although I haven’t spent much time with Webflow, I’m hoping that it doesn’t perform sluggishly as Webydo did.

I do have a few questions, though. If I do decide to sign up, is there a client turn over system? As in, will I be able to turn over the website hosting to the client rather than pay it myself, then charge the client. I’m curious about how well Webflow works in regard to clients. Is there a preview feature I’m able to show my clients as well? For example, Webydo allowed me to have my own hosting address (ex: rather than having webydo/webflow in the address. The preview was nice in that I could immediately send them a link to my progress so I can get feedback quickly.

On the business side of things, how do you designers end up charging your clients? Aside from normal design charges, do you also add an overhead to the hosting? I feel like while the normal hosting fee of $5 is reasonable, the $10 fee for CMS hosting is quite steep considering all the other available sources online. To me, at least, I don’t understand why you would double the fee just because it has CMS capability. Especially considering whether or not hosting is able to be directly transferred to the client, which is why I was asking about an overhead on CMS hosting, which is obviously even higher than $10/mo.

Regardless, I think this might be a good fit for me once I figure out the business side of things and get familiar with the program. Hopefully I’ll be engaging in more conversations to come with you all :slight_smile:

  1. Not really sure what you mean

  2. yes… for free. Also you can have a read only link

  3. charging varies depending on many factors.

Hope this helps. :+1:

Hi @Shafee Welcome to the community! :smiley:

These are all great questions.

Webflow is super fast. You’re welcome to give it a go with the Starter (free) plan and experience it’s speed for yourself.

Yes. We have a Client Billing (beta) for designers on the Professional and/or Team plans. Here is more info on that:

Consider this. The site is backed up on Amazon Web Servers and is also hosted on CDN. The same servers that The Guardian uses. Also, just for even more piece of mind, you’re able to export your site.

All of that technology, speed AND security for $10/month.

Hope this helps :slightly_smiling:

You can export CMS sites?

no you cannot. you can only export your site’s static HTML, CSS, JS and images

I know. I brought it up because you mentioned it as a perk associated with the $10/month price.

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