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Webflow with Clients CMS


I sent webflow staff a message but haven’t heard back so I am posting here in hopes that someone can help clarify a few things.

I have a client that wants to easily be able to edit content on his site. I pitched him on webflow and he is interested. Now I just need to figure out how to get him started. I see a $16 plan per month:

Does that include hosting?
Will he (or I) be able to easily connect to his domain from godaddy?
Will he also need a plan?
Will he be able to have more than one site?
If he adds me as a contributor, will I have full access to design?
Is the CMS much different from my regular webflow account, in terms of being able to jump in and quickly be able to lay out the content?

As you see I have lots of questions. It would be great if there was a phone number for webflow to answer these questions. I need to get him set up tomorrow and have the site ready by Friday. I know its possible just need to understand the basics first.

Thanks to anyone who can shine some light on this.


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Hello @soulluciani

Webflow has site plans and account plans. Site plans are basically hosting plans. Account plans are the designer part.

1. Yes, the CMS hosting plan includes hosting. Basically the site plans are hosting plans.

2. Depends on the knowledge he has or the knowledge you have. Connecting domains is very easy with Webflow. I think with Godaddy the domain connection is super simple. I mean you don’t need to change DNS settings ect. See more about custom domains here >

See Webflow and Godaddy here >

3. If the client wants the site to be transferred to his account he will need to add hosting to the site. On the free account plan you can have up to two unhosted projects.

4. If he is a designer who works on sites and he needs to have more than two active unhosted projects (projects with subdomain) he needs to upgrade. If he plans to have only site with active hosting subscription he can have as many as he wants. For more info see plans page >

5. No, contributors are people who work within the CMS dashboard. People who can add or edit content. The CMS dashboard is separate from the designer.

6. Yes, the CMS is for clients. The designer is for designers who work on sites.

I usually host clients sites under my account and adding clients as collaborators. The clients need to update or add content. I am the designer and I need to have access to the designer dashboard in order to make changes on the design.

Hope this helps

If you need more information feel free to reach out.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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Let me see if I have this correct:

I currently have the legacy personal plan. I can design the site on using that plan and then add CMS hosting to that specific site. My client can sign up for a free plan, I can add him as a collaborator so he can edit the site, then I can bill him directly for the CMS hosting plan using webflows back end?

Is that correct or am I missing something?

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Legacy personal plan? What you mean?

The plans are free, lite and pro. Which one you’re using?


They use to have a personal plan, before lite and pro. Thats what I have.

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You are on the free one right now? Sorry for asking too much, but I can’t understand :smile:


No - I pay $20 a month. I have had the plan since 2014 or so. Before the current plans there was a different price tier. Its basically in between lite & pro…

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Hm I understand. Let me check some information and I will get back to you.

Here’s the plans page 2014 version

You are paying for the personal one monthly?

Things are very different now.

Basically you can design the site > add CMS hosting > add the client as a collaborator > bill the client using client billing.

The client can edit the site content without a free/Webflow account.

Piter :webflow_heart:

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@PiterDimitrov collaborators are only available on the CMS and higher hosting plans.

@soulluciani, @PiterDimitrov is correct in his summary of his explanation tho. The client doesn’t have to signup for a free, lite, or pro account plan unless you plan on transferring the built out site to them and let them pay to control the layout through the designer.

If that is not the case and you still want to have Designer control and just allow them to use the collaborator status, the minimum site hosting plan they would have to be on for collaborator access is the CMS plan, with this, they will be able to have up to 3 user/collaborator access accounts.

Hope this explains a bit more for you. If you are still confused I will make a quick video for you to review, but this should explain it a bit more simplified.