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How to redirect form to default Webflow success message?

Good day everyone,

I’m planning on exporting my site and as such I will be using a third-party form processor. I would like it to redirect to the default Webflow success message once the form is submitted, but I can’t figure out what I should do to achieve that?

I can input a custom redirect link but what should the link be if I want it to remain default?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

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Hello @Desiign

You want to redirect to a page or just show the Webflow success message?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Thank you for your response @PiterDimitrov

By default most form processors redirect to their own “Thank You” page, but I have the option to set up a redirect link. However how do I set up the link to just show the Webflow success message?

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Can you tell me the name of the service you’re using?

I think that if you don’t have a redirect url the form will show the success message.

The service is called FormSubmit, you can find it at

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I think that you just need to add the url for email handling and the success message will show up. It’s the default behaviour when you don’t have a redirect. Do you have the form set up or you are just planning for now?

Ou so after submitting they are showing a page POWERED BY. Am I right?

I have the form set up already. I have tested it out without any redirect link and just the url, but it redirects to their “Thank You” page by default. And yes, it’s something like a POWERED BY. However it seems like their service is down at the moment, it redirects me to an error page.

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How many emails you think you will have per month? There’s another form service without redirects, but the free plan is 50 subs per month.

Can you share the url to the site with the form?

On their website it says the service has unlimited submissions. The reason why I’m using this service is because I don’t want my customers to see a “Thank You” or “Powered By” page after the form has been submitted, instead I want the default Webflow success message to show up.

Here’s the link to my website:

And here’s the preview link:

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What about creating a custom thank you page? Or you just want the success message? I can’t find a solution for now, but maybe there is some hack :smile:

@Desiign They have a solution for custom redirect url, but why not staying on the same page :thinking: I’m waiting for a reply from them about this. I will post the answer here.

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Thank you for all your help so far @PiterDimitrov.

I have thought about making a custom thank you page but most professional websites will stay on the same page rather than taking you to another, so I would prefer to just stay on the contact form and display the default success message.

I have realized that all the form processors I have used so far always have a solution for custom redirects but I have yet to see anything about staying on the same page.

Upon searching I found someone who asked a similar question on Stackoverflow, and the solution was using AJAX. Can this be done here?

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Hmmm not sure, I’m not a code master :sweat_smile: I will try and post here if something works. I’m still waiting for a message from

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I want help related to this can anyone help me ??

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I would caution users that this app/service “formsubmit” has an incomplete privacy policy, appears to store submissions forever with no data retention/data safeguards disclosed, and most certainly does not comply with GDPR requirements.

I would not recommend its use based on this.

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Hey @SaraAlfred

What you need :raised_hands:

I will DM you

For those of you looking for something that plugs and plays with webflow forms on exported sites, and allows for a message with no redirect, take a look at this topic.

Basin Free offers;

  • 1 form endpoint
  • Unlimited submissions
  • Zapier integration
  • Spam filtering
  • Notifications
  • CSV export
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Awesome! Thanks for sharing @webdev :webflow_heart:

Thank you for all the information and for sharing @webdev. Basin definitely looks great but does it stay on the default Webflow success message?

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Works! Test here >

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So that was done on the Free version of Basin? And did you need to tweak anything?

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