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Form submission success behavior using a target address?

Hello All,

I recently found a form submission service at that allows you to submit forms similar to the way webflow does. My only issue with using it is you lose the ability to see the success action in the form. Is there any way using the POST attribute and setting the target to an external address to have the form show the success banner like if you submit a regular form on webflow? This is my favorite feature of webflow forms and I’d really like to be able to use it.


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Can anyone help me with this? Really hoping to use the default success behavior with an external target on forms.

Hey Dave, can you send me a link to a simple example site that has a Simpleform form on it? I want to see if it’s possible to enable the type of behavior you’re looking for. As far as I know, setting a custom action caused a POST on the browser, so Webflow loses control at that point, so I’d have to look into it further.

Sure, the test form I did is on this page on the bottom

Hmm, it does look like the page does a full refresh, which is problematic since would need to submit the form via a cross-domain AJAX request in order to show the inline success message. I do see that Simpleform has a hidden redirect options, so you could do something like this:

  1. Create a “thank you” page that has a success message on it
  2. Add an Embed Block inside your form with Simpleform’s hidden redirect code that contains the URL, something like:

<input type='hidden' name='redirect_to' value='' />

Can you give that a shot?

Or, you could use native Webflow forms :wink:

Hey Vlad, thanks for looking into it. Would that option allow the default behavior or would it be a redirect page? I’ve done the redirect page and would prefer not to do that. I cannot use webflow’s form submission because I will need 2 forms on the same page going to 2 different addresses. If you guys implemented the ability to do that, I would be all set!


Hey Vlad,

I was hoping you might be able to help me again with this. I currently have a custom php script to submit the form to an email. It is hosted on my own server that my webflow site (currenly hosted on the subdomain) links to. This script has email injection rejection which makes the script take a few seconds to send the email. I am worried users will not realize that the script is running and attempt to click the submit button again. Is there any way to add a loading screen or disable the submit button?

Ideally I’d like to be able to have the default webflow behavior but send an email where you can reply to the email instead of having the annoying webflow information in the subject and all the important information in the body. I assume you guys could easily modify your form submission to act like my script and put only the message in the body, the email in the sent from and the name in the subject.

I am open to any ideas. I am just so disappointed with the way the email comes through using webflow’s form management.

I am also looking for an answer to this. Most people are not going to want to use your database, but will want to use your forms. Can you please advise best work around?

I figured out a workaround for this using gmail as the form destination and setting up filters to send to different adresses based on the form. This also would allow a dedicated gmail account to serve as a database for all submissions. Multiple forms going to different emails workaround!

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