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Redirect to another page or URL after form submitted?


I searched and there was a thread about this several months ago, where @thesergie said it was a possibility. I wanted to know if this did indeed get implemented?

It would be nice to be able to redirect successful submissions to another page where we advise what will happens next. Maybe it is not useful for everyone, but when using landing pages for the purpose of lead generation, it is good practice to let the lead know what to expect next.

Otherwise, if this is not possible yet: Is it then possible to remove all of the forms/content/text from within the “form wrapper” and replace with new text once the form has been successfully submitted?

Thank you!

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We’re implementing this as we speak. It will be in the settings for the Submit form button by the end of the day.

And yes you can select the “Success State” in the form settings and edit/add anything to that message after the user has submitted their form. In some cases that might be better than redirecting.


Just implemented an initial version of this. You can find it in the Settings for a Form element:

If the “Redirect URL” is specified, then the user will be redirected to that URL after a successful form submission. If that URL is not specified, Webflow will default to showing the ‘Success’ state message.

If you want to link to another page on your site, you would enter something like /about-page. If you would like to redirect to an external page, enter a full URL like


How can you enter another email address for the submit button on a site? i.e. when someone it’s submit I want it to go etc ?

@Paul_C, you can do this on the Forms section of your Site Settings page (in the Dashboard):

With the ‘Redirect URL’ I am entering /page-name as you have indicated to do above and this works fine in preview mode however when the site is running on the web it is not directing correctly. It should look like this but it is showing

Any ideas please

remove the first forward slash. instead of putting “/page-name”, put “page-name”

report back with results.

Thanks but that didn’t work, the browser just went to page-name

interesting. have you tried using an absolute path? " " ?

Did you export your files and put some of them into the “subdirectory” folder? If that’s the case you’ll need to add something like “/subdirectory/page-name.html” to make it work on exported sites.

Thanks Sergei, that worked.