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Show success message with Action setting

Hi everyone!

I have a form with URL in action field. It lets me send some information to my other service. This works fine. Problem is that when I submit that form it takes me to action URL instead of redirect URL or it should simply show success message. Please, if anyone have a solution, let me know.


Please share your webflow read only link.

Hi @webdev, its under “test” subpage

There currently is not a valid URL on that form, so I can’t comment on why you are having an issue. I have found success with a hosted form processor that has a free option that integrates well with webflow forms, and accomplishes what you want.

ok, I have it updated to real URLs :slight_smile: Could you please check again? Thanks you


Looks like you are running a custom form processor. It needs to handle the redirect.

How you do that, would depend on what you are running on that endpoint. If you have no access to the code, or cannot get the admin to set up a redirect for you, you might want to consider a different form processor that lets you or look at Zapier integrations.

Here are some integrations that available.