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Forms settings for exported hosting problems (UPDATED)


I have exported the site to my hosting, set the forms settings for the domain and used mail.php file for directing the submissions to my mail:

<?php $to = ""; // email address $subject = "Отправка формы с сайта"; // subject $redirect = ""; // redirect url foreach($_POST as $key => $value) { $fields .= $key.": ".$value." \r\n"; } $message = $subject." \r\n".$fields; $headers = "Content-type: text/plain; charset=utf-8 \r\n"; mail($to, $subject, $message, $headers); header('Location: '.$redirect); ?>

The problems I have - success window is not opening so I guess I should put the correct redirect url. I don’t know what is the url for success window. How do I find it?

(link to site on WF hosting
design shared page
Exported site

Another issue is when I get the message to my email, I only see email field but no name and phone fields

There are 4 forms on the site. 2 callback submittions, 1 form where a user can send a question, and 1 form where a user is supposed to answer 2 questions and get a link for a file to download after clicking submit button. I mean the success windows are not the same for all the forms. How should I edit my mail.php file so that everything works?

Or are there other ways to get that working?

UPD Figured out the second problem with the fields sent to clients email. The names of the fields were set in Russian (cyrillic) so this is not an issue anymore. The correct redirect url for success window is still an issue, any ideas?

Hi @deneesta, what I did was to create a new page with a success message with a link to the home page.
And have the form redirect to said page.

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Thank you Reply, that’s a good idea. If there’s no other way to do it with the Success option of a Base form I guess this is what I’m gonna have to do. Could you show what it looks like in your site?

@deneesta, exported the site off for a client already. But basically what I did was to include the menu, and base colors and typography of the site. And made a simple text block in the middle of the page with a link right below.

Ok, and then set redirect link to the success page, right?

Ok, seems to work good. Only problem for now is that I need a second success page with a different text. So I set the redirect in webflow for a certain form to a certain page. But my mail.php file will direct it to the first success page. I guess I need to figure how to set the .php so that it could direct different forms to different pages…

UPD. Sorry for bugging you again, but the redirect doesn’t work. For example, my success page name is “success”, so I set the redirect as http://sitename/success and it opens

Not Found The requested URL /success/ was not found on this server…

How did you set the redirect in your site?

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