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Create bilingual site

Hi there,

What is the fastest and secure way, also SEO friendly option to create a dual language site?

I don’t want to use localize.js it’s just too expensive ($588 a year) Theres is no way to cover that cost in the final prize after the first year.

Thoughts, ideas?


I think the best way is create a site for each language and maybe use subdomains

That’s what I though. So I just could duplicate the entire site, change the content and change the subdomains?

Depending on the complexity of the site and if you can use the cms you could make two identical collections. sitename/en and sitename/sv. That works for SEO as well. Or use folders if you can’t use the cms.

Look at Google translation for websites. Not as pretty but it works.

There’s another service called babble you could look at.

Good luck :smiley:

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Hello, guys!

Just today found this service

Comparing to Bablic and Localize they seems have pretty affordable price as one flat fee forever. Maybe it will be useful for you.



Sorry for the late reply. Your website will be hosted on WF? Because I’m not sure if WF let you create subdomains that works with folders like any other hosting. But a path like and could work

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