How to link with CMS collection not the specific page..?

Hey, guys!

I have been building my portfolio website from scratch and trying to link each of dropdown menus with CMS collection page, not the specific page.

Because I am thinking of creating this with free site plan at the moment, so there is a limit to create enough pages to link with… !

Is there anyone knowledgeable of this topic?

I appreciate your help in advance so much !!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

Hi Riha,

You just create your collection page and then figure out the relative path, e.g.;

Then in your menu item, you can do an absolute link, to that path.

If you have a collection of items ( like 5 most recent blog articles ) you can use a collection list inside the nav to automate those updates.

Hi, Michael!

You mean I should create a new link block with absolute position on nav bar and I can add a collection list inside the nav…?

As what I am asking is If I click one of the dropdown link, it directly takes to CMA collection page…!

Is that what you are letting me know?

like the screenshot below :slight_smile:

Yes those are the instructions I shared.

You’d copy and paste a dropdown item if you need to, but you would not need a link block and would not want to mess with the nav’s positioning. Use use a standard menu item unless you’re trying to break with the layout. Not recommended unless you’re very experiences in CSS and layouts.