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How do I connect some CMS collection pages to nav links?


I’m not able to connect the nav links to different CMS collection pages.

For instance:

Nav link Eixos to Eixos Template (CMS page)
Nav link formacions to Formacions Template (CMS page)

I can’t make it. When I try to link the menu nav links, there is no possibility to link cms pages, only statik pages. I also tried to create a CMS collection inside the nav bar, but then it gets linked to one specific collection, and I need every nav link to be linked to a different collection page.

How do I do that?
Here is the ready-only link.


Here is my public share link: LINK
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I could really use some help with this too

I have the same question, somebody please help!

Hey there,

To do this, you need to create a nav link class, probably a mega menu, and create the custom Hide Show animations. Each nav link will be a trigger to high or show the collection items nested in a div block. That way, you can show different collection lists for different navigation links.

Here is a good project to clone. Open it in the designer to see how the interactions work on hover or click. Flowbase navigation #3