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Collection List URLs Links - newbie question!

Hi all,

I have a CMS with 10 items eg blog posts going to a collection list. I want to be able to click on any collection list item to open up that blog post.

However, I can’t seem to be able to bring through the URL or slug name which seems strange.

Am I missing something basic here?!

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hello Mike,

You should add in your collection item a link or a link block element. (add elements in the top left menu).

Once it’s done you select that element and on the top right menu (the gear “element settings” the second of the menu) you go for Link settings.

There you can choose to use a “link” field in the collection you are currently in or as I guess it’s your case now you can select the second option of the link settings menu “collection page” and then you choose “Current collection name”.

In case you can’t find those options or it doesn’t solve your issue please come back without forgetting to include a shareable link so we can take a look in the project to understand better.

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Yes sorted - thanks for help