How to have emails go to same domain as websites domain?

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I have a potential client who wants to know, if I build a website for him using Webflow, have it hosted by Webflow, if it will be possible to have his email go to his websites domain like this:

How can I achieve that? Since I don’t think Webflow offers email hosting at this point, and I am kinda new at this.

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Hi @VladyRahn,

Well you could use namecheap to register your client’s domain name and use their native email hosting so that you have everything from domain name DNS settings to webmail and aliases centralized in one platform. Webflow indeed do not provide such services (so far I know).

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Hi @VladyRahn,

@anthonysalamin is correct in his statement.
Webflow does not offer Email hosting support. You could use Namecheap or GoDaddy for your domain name hosting provider and then host the emails yourself or us something like Outlook or GSuite for your emails.

Namecheap has an email product built-in actually. It’s called ‘private email’. It’s about $10/year for one inbox.

Thanks so much for all the advice. How would I do this if the domain is already registered with Google Domains?

Get a third party email provider and set it up with your domain.

You could use Google’s G Suite. Just pay for one user, you could have multiple aliases. $6.99 per user.

Rackspace has managed email services for you@yourdomain.tld starting at $2.99 per month. Used them for years and can vouch for the uptime and service.

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Thanks so much. Will look into that.:blush::+1: