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I need my client to see and respond to emails received through the web form

Hello, before I start using Webflow to redesign my client’s site, I have some questions and I hope you guys can help me to sort it out.

I see on the Webflow University website that they don’t have an email hosting service. (

And my doubt has to do with receiving emails through a form that will be created in webflow for this particular website we will redesign. We already have a domain that we will connect to the CMS Plan we choose for my client once we finish the development and publish the website.

But I need my client to be able to view and respond to those emails he will be receiving
What dou you recommend us?

Should I use a G Suite plan to manage this part or another email provider?

Thank you and I hope I was clear explaining my issue.

@Armando_Paczka welcome to the forum! G-suite is an option but there are others like privateemail (a namecheap product), dreamhost has an option as well and protonmail does as well. All these cost about $10-15/year for one address. The issue would be that some providers online include email when you use their wordpress hosting. The above all have a product that’s separate from having to buy website hosting. You might already know this but it’s worth repeating, don’t use a general address with forms (like, this will cause errors and get blacklisted by the form. So in your form settings, the address should be