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Webflow hosting with no email support?

I was looking to move my URL’s to webflow’s hosting but read that they don’t provide emails - WHAT? hosting but no email accounts. do I have to have to have hosting providers one for my site at webflow and one for my email? My current provider has email so It sounds like it would cost me twice to have webflow hosting for the site and my current hosting for email? Can this be? why would someone pay for hosting without emails going to their own url i.e.

Hey, You cal always export your code and host it with Another provider :slight_smile: keep in mind that hosting with webflow has many Advantages, the editor for example.

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Yes, that is what I currently do. was wanting to get hosting thru webflow for the advantages but not going to pay twice for hosting and using another account for email is not a professional option.

Often email hosting and website hosting are separate. You can go through namecheap (their product is called PrivateEmail, most hosts want you to pay for hosting + emails) or protonmail and get email hosting,, for around $9 a year.
I think it’s not a bad thing to keep your domain name hosting ( and your website hosting (webflow) separate. If something were to happen (doubt it :smile: ) with webflow and your site was down for a while, you can direct your domain elsewhere and also still receive emails. A friend had her WP site go down during a big launch. Her stuff was all separated so she could redirect her domain name to a landing page on a different platform and saved her launch.
The other way round is true as well, if your email/domain name host goes down, you can still direct people to your site.