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Can I Use Office 365 Email to Make Custom Website Email Addresses?


I realize that Webflow doesn’t offer email support for hosted websites. Can I use Microsoft’s email services to set up client emails for websites I host on Webflow? I need the email extensions to be the same as the domain name. I’m not asking for a how-to because I am not at that stage yet. I just want to know what my options are with respect to email because I know some clients will demand email addresses with their website names as the extension.


Hi @Peter1

Yes, when you buy a domain through a registrar, you can set up your emails there however you wish. This is regardless of where or who you host your website with.

I personally use Namecheap for managing domains and emails, and they have a good FAQ section, but there are many places that offer this and will be able to help you out when the time comes.