Webflow on the Ipad?

Hey guys,

iv just got my ipad pro and i would love to work on it but as i just red on the forums its not supported yet, i really hope the devs will look in on it and add that feature soon.

anyway my question is, are there any users that use webflow on their ipad, is there any way to work around the problems? actually the only probleem iv been facing now is not being able to scroll the element options panel on the right hand side.

also are there things i need to look out for that will ruin the website?

thnx for your time!

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Welcome to the community! As you’ve already mentioned, the biggest issue I’ve found since iPad introduced mouse support is the lack of scrolling in the right-hand panel. You can get around this by collapsing all of the sections except the one you’re using—although it gets a bit tedious when making lots of style changes.

It’s definitely not the smoothest experience, but I will regularly update minor things within a project if I’m working on my iPad away from my main computer. That said, working on a project from start to finish may be a bit rough (I’ve experienced crashes more frequently than on my desktop) but totally possible.

Thank you for the feedback!

mhh i see, i really love the ipad thats why i want to switch to it as my main computer. love to hear that it is possible! and totally love webflow cant wait til they updated it for the ipad.

Thanks again!

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